Album Review: Liam Gallagher – As You Were

23 years on from the release of Definitely Maybe, Liam Gallagher is still seen as a legend in the rock world. He revolutionised the genre in music, and while not quite achieving as much success in Beady Eye, his post-Oasis supergroup, he still amassed a strong and loyal fanbase. Now, in 2017, he is making his first foray into being a solo artist, and I’m excited about it to say the least.

The first few singles did a lot to raise this excitement as well; ‘Wall Of Glass’ is a massive callback to the incredible sound that Oasis created in Definitely Maybe, one of the best debuts of all time. On the other hand, ‘For What It’s Worth’ shows a lot of maturity and growth, taking that signature sound and pushing it further with a soaring chorus and orchestral instrumentation.

And this record is as good as those singles suggest. Gallagher has taken the sound he has created as part of Oasis and Beady Eye, and then pushed it even further, adding a slower, more mature edge to it. At times it’s simpler, using mainly just an acoustic guitar, and occasionally it’s much more complex, using orchestral sounds and horn sections, but either way, it works. For example, ‘You Better Run’ is a catchy, danceable track with a great rhythm, whereas ‘Paper Crown’ is slower, more sombre and reflective. ‘Greedy Soul’ has a huge, Oasis-esque sound, and is one of the highlights of the record. A slower cut is ‘Chinatown’, but it doesn’t suffer for it, and the fingerpicked guitar sounds great.

Some people might think there’s no place for a rock star like Liam Gallagher in 2017, but they’re wrong. If anything, we need him even more, to inject a bit of old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll energy into everyone’s lives. In fact, this album has everything you’d expect and more; pushing towards a newer, more mature sound. This could just be one of the best debuts of the year.

Best songs: Wall Of Glass, For What It’s Worth, Paper Crown

Score: 7/10


My Top 100 Songs: 70-61

70. Dead! – My Chemical Romance

In my opinion the best song from The Black Parade, this is an infectiously catchy song featuring some incredible guitar work and an amazing guitar solo. That’s really all there is to it.

Find it on: The Black Parade (2006)

69. If It Means A Lot To You – A Day To Remember

This was a massive change of style for A Day To Remember, and it suited them perfectly. In an album full of heavy guitars and screams, they changed things up for one, amazing acoustic duet, full of emotion. The change in style would be jarring, if the song wasn’t so perfect.

Find it on: Homesick (2009)

68. You’re Gonna Go Far Kid – The Offspring

The Offspring are kings of making catchy, energetic pop-punk, but this song goes a long way above their usual high standards. With a catchy rhythm and melody, you’d struggle to find a better song in their whole discography.

Find it on: Rise And Fall, Rage And Grace (2008)

67. Omen – The Prodigy

I never really got into The Prodigy, but one song that I think they got extremely right was this one. The sheer volume of the song, coupled with some great synthesiser work means this is a song that never fails to fill me with energy.

Find it on: Invaders Must Die (2009)

66. Doubt – Twenty One Pilots

I hated this song originally, feeling like the rapping was lacklustre and the electronic elements grated on me, but after a few listens I began to think the exact opposite. This is another song that fills me with energy, and I feel like the lyrics are some of the best on Blurryface.

Find it on: Blurryface (2015)

65. Everchanging – Rise Against

There are both an acoustic version and a regular version of this song, but I’m counting both versions here. The acoustic version has more of a sombre, regretful mood whereas the original is filled with anger, I feel like both work just as well. This is the first ever song that Tim McIlrath wrote, and I think that to write something this good at such a young age is incredible.

Find it on: The Unraveling (2001)/Long Forgotten Songs (2013)

64. Kung-Fu Lovin’ – Royal Republic

This song showcases exactly what Royal Republic do best – sheer energy mixed with great guitar and catchy hooks. I guarantee, this one’ll get inside your head for weeks to come.

Find it on: Weekend Man (2016)

63. Dammit – Blink-182

This comes from the earlier, punkier era of Blink-182. Complete with a fantastic riff and incredible drumming, early Blink doesn’t get much better than this.

Find it on: Dude Ranch (1997)

62. Supersonic – Oasis

Unlike everyone else in the world, I don’t think Wonderwall is Oasis’ best song. In fact, I don’t think it’s that great at all, but we’ll get to that another time. This song shows the Gallagher brothers at their best, creating great rock music with an incredible chorus. This is what they do best.

Find it on: Definitely Maybe (1994)

61. Knights Of Cydonia – Muse

This six-minute epic shows of everything that Muse do well. Insanely good vocals, awesome electronic influences, fantastic guitar work and even more. In my opinion, Muse will never write a song as technically good as this.

Find it on: Black Holes And Revelations (2006)

Come back in another two weeks for the continuation of this list!