EP Review: Sigrid – Raw

Out of all the pop artists I’ve discovered this year, none have impressed me more than Sigrid, the Norwegian-born winner of the BBC’s Sound of 2018. The monolithic ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ was one of the best tracks released last year, and that was quickly followed by the absolutely incredible ‘Strangers’, which, at this rate, could be heading for my song of the year. Earlier this year, she released the first three tracks of this EP, and I’ve been waiting ever since for the remaining two tracks. But now I have a chance to review the EP as a whole, what do I think?

Well first let’s talk about the sound of the EP- which is a lot more minimalistic than I expected. Out of the five songs here, three could be considered ballads, featuring minimal instrumentation- a piano here and there and some subtle electronic touches. The other two consist of the lusher electronic compositions that we all know Sigrid is capable of. But that doesn’t necessarily make them more valuable than the other songs, as particularly ‘Raw’s’ minimal sound works perfectly, and after a few listens I was hooked.

The best song here is definitely first single ‘High Five’ though, featuring one of the massive melodies that are a trademark of Sigrid’s music at this point. Second single ‘Schedules’ is also great, featuring an incredible rhythm that’ll want you to get up and start dancing on every listen. In fact, the only song I’m not so fond of on this record is ‘I Don’t Want To Know’, in which I feel the minimal sound doesn’t work quite as well, coming across as a little flat. But this is made up by the final ballad, ‘Focus’, which I feel like shows Sigrid’s developing writing skills tremendously.

So to sum up, I really enjoy this EP, and I feel like it shows that Sigrid’s songwriting is developing with every release. Obviously I feel like there’s still room for improvement, but for Sigrid to be here at only 21 is beyond impressive, not to mention that she’s head and shoulders above most of what I’ve reviewed this year. I can’t wait for whatever she comes up with next, and really feel that it has the potential to be special.

Best songs: Raw, High Five

Score: 8/10


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