EP Review: Tigress – Who Cares

One of the first ever things that I reviewed on this blog was Tigress’ second EP, Like It Is. And I absolutely loved it- it built on their first EP fantastically, moving away from pop-punk, and creating a diverse, infectious sound. It was one of the best things I listened to in 2017, and I couldn’t wait for whatever the band came up with next. And that came sooner than expected too, because now, a year later, their newest EP has been released. But can it build on their sound like the previous one?

I’ll answer that question later, but whether you think the band have built on previous work or not, the sound has definitely changed. The band has taken the punkier sound from their previous EP, and developed this into five very different songs. There’s not as much variety in here as before, but that works- the band’s sound feels a lot more coherent and defined than it ever has before, and that just adds more to the EP. This is a more coherent, more confident, and more powerful EP, and you can really feel that when you listen to it.

The strongest song here is undoubtedly lead single ‘Bring Me Down’, which nails the sound that they’ve gone for here- the verses are filled with punk attitude, and the chorus is soaring. But this is closely followed by opener ‘Paranoid’- when that chorus first kicked in, I knew I had nothing to worry about really. And the band still have a quieter side, so don’t worry about that- ‘Over Your Love’ mixes different dynamics in the verses and chorus perfectly, while closer ‘The Cycle’ showcases some of the band’s slower moments perfectly, before erupting into a great chorus. It’s an ambitious one too, at over six minutes long.

With every release, Tigress have brought something fresh to the table- something that built on their previous work, and showed the band growing for the better. And this EP is no different, showing that the band have grown into a new sound- something clearer and more confident. At this rate, whatever they release next could be absolutely stunning- so I can’t wait to hear it.

Best songs: Paranoid, Bring Me Down

Score: 7/10


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