Album Review: CHVRCHES – Love Is Dead

Known for their clean sound and anthemic choruses, CHVRCHES made a name for themselves in 2013 with their incredible debut The Bones of What You Believe. And from then on out, they’ve only been on the rise, capturing millions of listeners with their super-catchy, hyper-energetic sound. This, their third album has them poised on greatness- but can they capture that chance?

Well for a start, everything sounds as clean and catchy as ever- the melodies still soar, although maybe not as much as they used to, and the production, as usual, is fantastic. Not much has changed from previous albums in terms of sound, but something here seems off- a lot of the music is lacking a focus, an intensity- something. Whatever it is, this collection of songs seem a little more hit-and-miss than before.

There are still some great tracks on here though- lead single ‘Get Out’ has received a lot of criticism, but I still feel like it’s a great pop song, with a chorus that won’t leave your head, no matter how much you try, and ‘Never Say Die’ is as intricate as it is intense. The problem is, not as many of these songs connect quite as well- opener ‘Graffiti’ is a little bland, as is ‘God’s Plan’ (which definitely isn’t a Drake cover).

On the whole though, there are more hits than misses here. I couldn’t possibly condemn an album with songs as good as ‘Wonderland’, ‘Miracle’, and ‘Graves’ as a bad album. And to describe this album as a bad one, or even an okay one would be doing it a disservice- it’s definitely a really fun listen- but just occasionally, the songs don’t impact as they used to.

Best songs: Never Say Die, Get Out, Wonderland

Score: 6/10


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