What I’ve Been Listening To This Month – May 2018

1. As It Is – The Wounded World

Now this one I couldn’t make my mind up on at first. As It Is are one of my favourite bands, and their last album, okay., was one of my albums of 2017. So to hear them taking on a completely new, darker, heavier sound threw me a little- this wasn’t the As It Is I’d come to know and love. But something kept bringing me back to the song, and after a few listens, I was hooked. I’m still not sure about their new direction, but I’m excited to hear more.

Find it on: The Great Depression (2018)

2. Panic! Against The Disco – Can’t Fight Against The Youth

This has to be one of the least well known Panic! At The Disco songs, which is a massive shame, because it has to be one of their best. It is the second track from their Nicotine EP, released just after their fourth album. Few people know this EP exists, and even fewer have listened to it- but I can’t recommend it enough.

Find it on: Nicotine EP (2014)

3. Bleachers – Wild Heart

I’ve already talked about how much I love Love, Simon on this blog (if you haven’t read that yet, it’s here), but something I haven’t talked about yet is my love for the soundtrack. Created and curated by the incredible Jack Antonoff, these songs all fit perfectly together to create a beautiful indie summer soundtrack- energetic yet relaxing, modern yet nostalgic. This is the ending song to the film, and my favourite song from the soundtrack.

Find it on: Love, Simon: The Official Soundtrack (2018)

4. Janelle Monae – Make Me Feel

Janelle Monae’s album was the best thing I’ve reviewed this month, and one of the only albums I’ve given a full ten. It was perfectly produced, catchy, but most importantly, a lot of fun. The album was full of great songs, but this was the best of all of them by a long way. It could have even been the best song I’ve listened to this year, but then the next song came up.

Find it on: Dirty Computer (2018)

5. Florence + The Machine

I only really started listening to Florence + The Machine last year, but what a decision that was! They have a way of conveying emotion through their music that I’ve never discovered anywhere else. Imagine my surprise, then, when they created something even more beautiful, and even more emotional than ever before. Hunger, to me, is the story of learning to love yourself through someone else- and that’s something I can definitely relate to. I’ve already listened to this more than anything else this year, and I think it’ll stay that way until the end of the year.

Find it on: High As Hope (2018)


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