EP Review: Spielbergs – Distant Star

Spielbergs are a Norwegian rock trio that define themselves by their ‘noisy, guitar-heavy sound and strong melodies’. Heavily inspired by sci-fi, this is their debut EP, and the band plan to win hearts with their frantic, Japandroids-esque sound, mixed in with some dreamy power-pop sensibilities. It’s clear that there’s a lot to get into here, so let’s begin…

The first thing you hear when you turn this EP on is the thumping guitar of opener ‘We Are All Going to Die’- and I had my volume turned up too high, so I really heard it. As frantic as the name suggests, the song is a celebration of energetic punk, pinned down by the incredible melodies that run through it. But if you think this EP will only sound like that, you’d be wrong- it’s much more thoughtful than that. With a running length of 23 minutes for only five songs, it’s definitely a little indulgent at times, including the 8-minute middle track, but when you’ve made something sound this good- then why not?

I was talking about the variety found in this EP earlier, and it definitely shows throughout- each song is unique in its own way- but they all have the same sound and quality, which results in a record that is coherent, but diverse enough to be interesting. For example, the dreamy 8-minute odyssey that is ‘Ghost Boy’ drifts perfectly into the upbeat punk of lead single ‘Distant Star’- despite the fact that these are opposite songs in mood and theme, they fit perfectly together- and that’s where this album really shines. It’s ability to fit a diverse set of songs into a tight, coherent selection is nothing short of impressive- there’s something for everyone here, and that includes you.

Best songs: We Are All Going to Die, Distant Star

Score: 8/10


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