Album Review: Sevendust – All I See Is War

Sevendust are a band that seem like they have been around for a while. Flourishing in the late-90’s nu-metal uprising, they gained a huge surge in popularity through their 1999 sophomore album, Home. Over time, nu-metal’s popularity as a genre fell, but they have done a good job to keep up, regularly releasing new albums and shifting their sound to reflect the ever-changing rock world. So where do they find themselves now?

Well the band are on their 12 album, a monumental feat considering bands that have been around for twice the length of time that Sevendust have haven’t released that many albums. Their sound has slowly shifted away from outright metal, and is closer to hard rock- stylistically a bit like a heavier version of rock titans Shinedown. But this hasn’t affected their popularity- according to Spotify, over a million people still listen to them every week. So the band are a bit of a modern day miracle- but we’re not here to talk about that- we’re here to talk about the band’s new album- is it any good?

Well it doesn’t do anything you wouldn’t expect it to- that’s for sure- but that doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. When the band have spent so long perfecting their sound, it’d be odd for them to suddenly change things up and go in another direction. Instead, here we have a great selection of well-crafted hard rock songs. The band have spent a lot of time perfecting their sound, and it really shows here- they don’t subvert any expectations because they don’t need to- everything sounds great as it is. On ‘Not Original’, lead singer Lajon Witherspoon sings ‘I’m not original anymore’- but he doesn’t need to be. Sevendust sound great as they are.

Best songs: Descend, Dirty, Not Original

Score: 7/10


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