EP Review: The Kenneths – Ex

The Kenneths have been slowly rising through the UK punk ranks for a while now. They’ve released a string of EPs, each one taking the best aspects of the last and improving on them. They’ve already made a name for themselves with their old-fashioned, high energy punk- but with a twist. Both the singer and the drummer are used as vocalists at different points, providing a smoother female counterpoint to the stereotypical male punk vocals. This EP could catapult this band to even further heights. To do that, however, it has to be good- but is it?

Well if you’re a fan of the band, it’s hard to see you being disappointed by this. It is made up of five short bursts of angry, energetic punk, remeniscent of the early years of the genre. The guitars are fuzzy, the drums are fast and loose, and the vocals are as manic as ever. If you want one song that sums all of this, pick ‘Model Man’. This is maybe the angriest song on the album, and it shows exactly what the band do best.

It’s not the only good song on the album either; ‘Favourite Ex’ is a great opener, with drummer Aicha Djidjelli taking over on the vocals this time. Her smoother tones work perfectly, creating a melodic but simple chorus that feels great to sing along to. And then there are ‘Emulsion’ and ‘I Don’t Wanna Go Out With You’, which really take you back to the early days of punk. They’re both really short bursts of angry noise that work perfectly- why drag something out for three minutes when you can say it in an hour and a half.

But I do have one problem with this EP, and that’s that the sound is exactly the same as the previous one. When I listen to music, I want the boundaries pushed- I want to be challenged. But this EP just doesn’t really do that, showing only a small amount of progression. This is just a matter of taste though, and I still think the EP is a great listen. It sounds great, doesn’t overstay it’s welcome, and has a great dynamic between the singers.

Best songs: Favourite Ex, Model Man

Score: 6/10


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