What I’ve Been Listening To This Month – April 2018

April is my favourite month of the year, and this has been a pretty great one. Not only is my birthday in this month, the sun’s started coming out, and I’ve pretty much finished all of my uni assignments. So here’s a playlist of (mostly) happy and upbeat songs to relax to in the sun as Summer approaches.

1. Sum 41 – Screaming Bloody Murder

Let’s get the dark one out of the way first then shall we? This song is dark, moody, and definitely one of, if not the most creative Sum 41 song. The mix of the slow, piano opening with the manic riffs and huge chorus later on make this hard to beat- but some other songs on this album come close, that’s for sure.

Find it on: Screaming Bloody Murder (2011)

2. The Maine – Am I Pretty

I was originally just going to listen through The Maine’s Forever Halloween for Thursday’s review, but I got sucked into the band’s music yet again, and I ended up listening to pretty much everything they’ve ever done. This one is perfect for your summer soundtrack- it’s upbeat, catchy, and uplifting- and the music video is just lovely too.

Find it on: American Candy (2015)

3. Turnover – Super Natural

Now this song (and the whole album in fact) is the perfect soundtrack to lounging around in the sun. The beautifully ambient guitar sounds create the perfect relaxing atmosphere, and if you have exams coming up- you’ll need this one afterwards. You won’t find a more soothing album anywhere!

Find it on: Good Nature (2017)

4. Sigrid – Strangers

I honestly think that this might be one of the best pop songs released this decade. Norwegian sensation Sigrid has just won the BBC Sound of 2018 award, and with songs like this, it’s not hard to see why. It’s everything you’d want from a pop song- bright, beautiful and catchy.

Find it on: Single (2017)

5. State Champs – Dead and Gone

One of the best birthday presents I could have got this year is that State Champs are back with this, their newest single. As you’d expect, it’s energetic, catchy, and stands head and shoulders above a lot of modern pop-punk. If the rest of their album is like this, then we’re in for a treat later in the year.

Find it on: Living Proof (2018)


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