EP Review: The Longshot – The Longshot EP

Billie Joe Armstrong is without a doubt one of the rock world’s most recognisable figures. The Green Day singer is ever-present in the rock world. But when he’s not dominating the world with his band, he’s a very busy man. As well as working on the American Idiot musical, he’s had countless side projects, and even film appearances to keep himself busy. The Longshot are the latest in this long list of side-projects, and if they’re as good as anything else that he’s done so far, we have cause to be excited.

The album opens with ‘Love Is For Losers’, and it definitely makes for an interesting listen. While the first single from Green Day’s last album, ‘Bang Bang’ was a frantic punk anthem, this was the complete opposite. It takes on more of an old-fashioned rock ‘n’ roll style, with a much slower tempo. It sounds great though, with Armstrong’s voice feeling as strong yet comfortable ever. It’s super catchy too- the chorus will get stuck in your head for sure!

Next up is ‘Taxi Driver’, which continues the rock ‘n’ roll style of the previous song, but is definitely more Green Day-ish, with a recurring riff. Unfortunately, it seems to get caught in a sort of limbo between the two, resulting in a very flat sound. The chorus is also unusually lacklustre for one of Armstrong’s projects.

So, there’s been a good song and a bad song so far, it all depends on this third and final song. Unfortunately, ‘Chasing a Ghost’ doesn’t quite live up to expectations either. It is definitely stronger than ‘Taxi Driver’, as it’s sound is much more pronounced. Unfortunately, the song itself just isn’t that interesting, and falls flat.

What’s important, though, is that these are only the band’s first three tracks, and while they’re not incredible, the sound they’ve created is pretty impressive. They’ve got the sound down, all they need to do is draw on the incredible songwriting that Armstrong used during his time in Green Day, and pair this incredible sound with some great songwriting. I’m still looking forward to whatever this brand new band do next.

Best song: Love Is For Losers

Score: 5/10


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