Album Review: Reigning Days – Eclipse

Hard rock as a genre is bigger in America. Absolute titans of the genre, like the Foo Fighters, Shinedown, and Queens Of The Stone Age all originate there. Even though Britain has contributed some great bands to the genre, their output of bands like this is much lower, and that’s why I get really excited when I see a new one on the scene. Today, this band is Reigning Days. But do they do enough to assume the mantle of the bands that have come before them? Read on to find out.

The album very literally starts with a bang as the opening riff to ‘Empire’ crashes in. From here, it’s pretty clear that the band aren’t going to pull any punches. It’s going to be loud, it’s going to be heavy, and it’s going to hold nothing back. As an opening statement, it’s pretty much perfect. The album travels through a range of rock and metal styles, but as a rule, it pretty much stays as intense as the opening suggests. It’s honestly pretty impressive.

The true magic of this band, however, lies in that nothing sounds out of place. A lot of that must be down to exceptional production, but the band need a lot of credit too. The percussion is perfectly timed, the guitar sounds fuzzy but clear, and the vocal snarls ring out above the noise. Whether they’re belting out Muse-esque choruses in ‘Boy Who Cried Wolf’, or Foo Fighters-esque riffs in the deceptively heavy ‘My Sweet Love’, everything sounds exactly where it should, and it’s glorious. So if a band with the attitude of Royal Blood and the riffs of Muse sounds like your thing, this band are for you!

Best songs: Boy Who Cried Wolf, Self-Destruct

Score: 8/10


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