Album Review: nothing, nowhere. – ruiner

Emo rap is a genre that has dominated the world of late, whether people like it or not. As the name suggests, the genre fuses elements of rap, and emo, although it can cross into other genres of rock, such as punk or metal. On the internet at least, these artists seem to be somewhat of a joke, but the amount of popularity they have gained recently suggests otherwise. Personally, it definitely isn’t my thing- and I’d even go as far to say some of these artists definitely deserve the fame that it brings, but I think that’s more to do with the things they do than the music they create. But this one could be different.

nothing, nowhere. has recently gained a huge surge in popularity, touring with emo groups such as Real Friends and La Dispute, and even getting on the cover of popular British rock magazine Rock Sound. He has even recently signed to Fueled By Ramen, putting him on the same level as labelmates Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, and All Time Low. All of these signs are definitely positive things, but they mean nothing if his album isn’t good. So, how is it?

Well, the first thing to notice is that it’s clear to see that his music has passion and energy, putting him above many other people on the genre instantly. I hate the trend of mumble-rapping that seems to have sprung up recently- and this album has exactly none of that. There is a passion and energy to this guy’s voice unlike any I have heard in a long time- just listen to ‘better’ and you’ll see what I mean.

The second quality that makes this album is the lyrics. They cover topics far and wide, spanning across mental health, nostalgia, family, and even more topics. Now, of course I’m not ignorant enough to think that all modern rappers just sing about sex, cars, and money, but his lyrics are definitely a little out of the ordinary for a rapper- which is honestly really refreshing.

But finally, the most important quality in this guys music is the production quality. He has created a creative, innovative, and unique sound, that I haven’t seen the like of before. The use of ambient guitars creates a rich atmosphere- the perfect backdrop for emotional lyrics- but every song is unique and distinctive. This album is a milestone for the genre of emo rap, and should be used as a marker for how far the genre can be taken with just the right amount of ambition, emotion and creativity.

Best songs: better, waster, changer

Score: 8/10


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