EP Review: Crossing The Limits – Perseverance

When you’re a new pop-punk band, it’s important to hit the ground running. Even from your very first songs, there isn’t any time for near misses. Having a well-established sound, and good production could help- but what’s most important is that the songs are good. It sounds obvious, I know, but there are so many bands in the genre these days that new talent is often drowned out in the sound. Crossing The Limits are the latest in the list of bands trying to make their way in the rock world with this, their debut EP. But does it stack up to the quality it needs to be?

Well the sound, for one, is definitely impressive. While it isn’t anything massively groundbreaking, it is extremely well-defined, with excellent production, especially with all of the panning going on in the middle of ‘Chaos’. The vocals sound fantastic- especially compared to many of the others in the genre, and the instruments sound clean, crisp, and pleasant on the ears. It’s almost like listening to New Found Glory being fronted by Against The Current’s Chrissy Costanza. And with comparisons to two of the best bands in the scene already, it’s clear to see why their fanbase seems to be steadily growing.

In terms of the best songs on the EP, it’s hard to look past the aforementioned ‘Chaos’, which has a supremely catchy chorus. Lead single ‘Won’t Settle’ is another contender, which is equally catchy, but I feel like closer ‘My Own Way’ takes the crown, acting as a perfect closer to the album. By now you’ll be wondering when the criticism is coming- but I don’t think you’ll be surprised to hear that I don’t have much for this album. It is catchy, sounds great, and has to be among the best pop-punk debuts of the year. It will take perseverance, but I can definitely see these guys making a name for themselves in the coming years.

Best songs: Chaos, My Own Way

Score: 7/10


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