Album Review: Press To MECO – Here’s To The Fatigue

Three years ago, Press To MECO came out with something pretty special. Their debut, Good Intent was something the rock world had never seen before. It had all the energy and instrumentation of pop-punk, but the vocal harmonies of The Beach Boys. It was truly unique, and in an increasingly saturated music world, that’s hard to find. This is their second album, recorded quite quickly after the first, but not released for two years after label difficulties. It’s been a long wait, but will it be worth it- or will second album syndrome claim yet another band?

Musically, if anything the band have improved. The harmonies sound clearer and more defined than ever, and musically, this album is super-creative. From the Muse-esque riff in the title tack to the beautiful lull in ‘If All Your Parts Don’t Make A Whole’, there is something beautifully creative in every song. But not only is this album creative, it is incredibly catchy. It takes the melodies of pop-punk choruses, but the harmonies make them clearer, more pronounced, and much catchier than usual. It’s a stroke of genius, and makes you wonder why no-one else has tried this before.

This is the part where I would tell you all about my favourite songs from the record, but at this point, I think that’s pretty pointless. This is an album that everyone should listen to, and so I implore everyone to go and pick up this album, and find favourites of their own. This is an early contender for my album of the year, its innovation and creativity go unmatched compared to anything else I’ve heard recently. If you listen to any album this week, make it this one.

Best songs: Here’s To The Fatigue, If All Your Parts Don’t Make A Whole, Itchy Fingers

Score: 10/10


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