EP Review: Selfish Things – Vertical Love

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Jimmy Eat World? No? Well I love Jimmy Eat World! So, naturally when an EP draws comparisons with them, I’m instantly interested. Selfish Things, once a solo project of singer Alex Biro, made the switch over to being a band in 2015, and haven’t looked back since. This, their second EP looks at themes such as Biro’s struggle with religion, promising to be a big step for the band. But how does it sound?

Well, the sound that they seem to have cultivated on this album varies greatly. The album has three more acoustic-sounding songs, and three slightly heavier ones- and I definitely think the latter are much more effective. The band seem to be much more effective when they’re more intense, shown perfectly by opener ‘8147 Mulholland Drive’. The chugging guitars of the verses prepare you for something epic, and the chorus definitely delivers on that promise. It’s the perfect opener for an album- it’s just a shame that the rest of the album doesn’t live up to it’s promise.

That’s not to say all of the songs are bad though- ‘Rust Cohle Never Sleeps’ is this band’s answer to Jimmy Eat World’s ‘Get Right’, and it’s really good! It builds on the solid opener, and takes it even further, making it one of the best songs on the EP. ‘Hangman’ is also great- it offers a nice break after the two songs that came before it, and has a very creative choral section at the end. Unfortunately, the slower songs just don’t seem to have enough to them- for example, ‘Five Years’ just seems far too subdued for its own good- there is very little dynamic change across the track.

This EP is very hit-or-miss. When it’s great- it’s fantastic, but when it’s not, it’s just not interesting enough. But despite the inconsistency, there is so much promise shown here. When this band are on form, they’re absolutely great, and this has me very optimistic for whatever they come up with next.

Best songs: Rust Cohle Never Sleeps, Hangman, 8147 Mulholland Drive

Score: 5/10


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