Album Review: Casey – Where I Go When I Am Sleeping

Music can be seen as a range of many things- art, an escape, or entertainment. For Casey lead singer Tom Weaver, it is almost certainly a form of catharsis- a way for him to lay himself bare through his lyrics, and let out all unwanted emotions. It’s not hard to see why either- after being diagnosed with both ulcerative colitis and brittle bones, along with mental health difficulties, it’s not exactly been an easy ride for him to get to where he is. The music world are glad to have him though, as Casey’s brand of emotional post-hardcore put their name on the map with their 2016 debut ‘Love Is Not Enough’. Their follow-up promises to be everything that was and more.

The band already do what a lot of other bands in the scene can’t, and that’s seamlessly switch between an ambient, melodic sound, to a rough, heavy one. Half of what makes this so flawless is Tom Weaver’s incredible voice, but I think an incredibly big mention needs to go the the writing and musicianship in this album. Nothing really seems out of place- with every musical switch sounding perfectly crafted. The soundtrack of ambient, melodic guitar acts as a perfect soundtrack for the brutally honest lyrics, and can truly explode when needed.

The defining track of this album is absolutely the wonderful ‘Fluorescents’. It is a fantastic, emotional, painful listen, in all the best ways. The way this band convey emotions is nothing short of incredible, but this song is son a whole other level. It is emotional, raw, and beautiful. It’s not the only highlight though- ‘Phosphenes’ is much of the same, offering a level of brutal honesty you’ll rarely find in the music world, and ‘Wound’ is the perfect closer to the album, finished by a spoken word section that brought tears to my eyes and put my hair on end. No other album has done that this year, and I’d urge all rock fans to give this a go. The band are talented, honest, and create incredible music- what other reason do you need?

Best songs: Making Weight, Fluorescents, Wound

Score: 9/10


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