EP Review: Cold Years – Northern Blue

You know what the world needs more of? Bands like The Gaslight Anthem. That may sound sarcastic, but I truly and wholeheartedly believe that. Brian Fallon’s beautifully rough voice and fantastic storytelling is something that few bands can and will ever live up to. It’s a good thing, then, that Cold Years are around. If any band can take up the dusty crown of heartland rock that has been untouched ever since The Gaslight Anthem broke up in mid-2015.

And they sound great. Singer Ross Gordon has a brilliantly unique voice, sounding uncannily similar to Brian Fallon, with a little bit of Simon Neil mixed in for good measure. You can hear these sounds in the songs too. ‘Miss You To Death’ could easily fit on a record like ‘American Slang’, with its nostalgic vocals and bluesy rhythms. But if you think that this band are just essentially a Gaslight Anthem cover band, you’d be wrong- they have a lot more up their sleeves than that.

This can be seen on closer ‘Final Call’- the perfect closer to the EP by name and nature. The sound in this one is a bit slower, and more modern- sounding, with it’s clean, airy guitar, and ambient sound. That’s before the explosive chorus at the end, that is. Opener ‘Seasons’, however, is just explosive full stop, oozing catchiness and style. That just leaves the fantastic ‘What I Lost’, which is easily the best song on the EP.

So to sum up- what an EP this is. It echoes the heartland rock tendencies of so many great bands, but with something more, an extra helping of style and a modern touch. Listening to this EP made me smile over and over, and it might have the same effect on you.

Best songs: What I Lost, Seasons

Score: 9/10



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