Album Review: Turbowolf – The Free Life

Big riffs with a fuzzy sound are growing ever more popular. The rise of bands like Royal Blood and Milk Teeth have shown just how popular sounds like this have become. But there has been a band who have been doing this for a long time now without as much credit as they deserve. That band are Turbowolf.

Going into a Turbowolf album, you can expect an eclectic, varied sound, all tied together by their signature fuzzy riffs and rough but melodic vocals. This album is much of the same, but with some guest appearances thrown in. We get treated to the fantastic Mike Kerr of Royal Blood, and Sebastian Grainger of Death From Above, and that’s not all. IDLES’ Joe Talbot turns up, and there are also backing vocals from Vodun’s Chantal Lewis-Brown.

All of this could work against the band though. This amount of guest stars and promise from their first couple of albums mean this album has to be absolutely incredible. It’s a good thing, then, that it absolutely is.

The album bursts into life with the absolutely incredible ‘No No No’, establishing their incredible sound right from the start. But if anything, the album gets even better from here on out. Obviously Mike Kerr’s guest appearance on ‘Domino’ is incredible, but I feel like even he is outdone by the brilliance that is ‘Blackhole’. It is heavy, full of riffs, and everything that a fan of this band would want. The band aren’t afraid to experiment though- ‘Very Bad’ has a great ambient synth section in the middle of it, and ‘The Free Life’ almost reaches six minutes, after taking the listener through a range of sounds and styles, but staying true to the band. It is obvious that this is an incredible album, and I’d recommend it to anyone into rock music at the moment.

Best songs: Domino, Blackhole, The Free Life

Score: 9/10


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