Album Review – Milestones – Red Lights

Milestones are a pop-punk group from Manchester, England. They have built up a great following touring with bands such as Mayday Parade, Simple Plan and Waterparks, but this is their first ever album. Their debut EP, Equal Measures had the rock world captivated, so let’s see if this album can do the same.

This album aims bigger, higher and better than anything the band have done before, and you can bet that it achieves those goals. The hooks are catchy, the production is perfectly clean, and the choruses soar above everything. The album leans more to the pop side of pop-punk, but contrary to what some people would say, I think more bands should be doing this. The pop tendencies add a softer side to perfectly balance the band’s rockier tendencies- making this album sound cleaner than anything I’ve heard this year.

And if this album was aiming to be catchy, it more than hit the mark. Choruses like the ones in ‘Eighteen’ and ‘Paranoid’ are what makes this album special- they’ll stick in your head for ages, and not in a bad way! The album knows when to slow things down and speed them up as well. ‘Against The World’ and ‘Counting Cars’ are slow, poppy ballads, which counter the angrier, faster songs like ‘Liar’ perfectly. There are also some guitar solos on the album, which I feel like the genre has been missing massively. Definitely give the one on ‘Hold On’ a listen, it adds a lot of emotion to the track.

This album has to be the motivation the pop-punk world needs to step their game up. It sounds great, it focuses on the melodies, and a lot of time and care has been placed into making it sound as good as it possibly can. The lyrics could possibly be a bit better, but other than that, I can’t really think of anything on the album that needs work. This band are a leading light of the genre, and this album just proves that.

Best songs: Once Upon A Time, Paranoid, Counting Cars

Score: 8/10


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