What I’ve Been Listening To This Month – February 2018

Welcome to the second post in this series. This month I’ve been listening to some new stuff, some old stuff, and everything in between. I hope you enjoy this.

1. Stay Ignorant – Don Broco

This funky single was my introduction to Don Broco as a band, and despite me absolutely loving the rest of their stuff, I’ve found nothing that beats this yet. The dancey rhythms mixed with the surprisingly heavy chorus mix better than anything I could ever have imagined.

Find it on: Technology (2018)

2. TANTRUM – Waterparks

Waterparks being on these lists may quickly become a common occurrence, as they’re becoming one of my favourite bands of all time. This song is from their new album, and it’s absolutely fantastic. From the half-screamed vocals to the heavier guitars, to the vocal effects on the pre-chorus, this song is a messy but brilliant masterpiece.

Find it on: Entertainment (2018)

3. Holiday – Green Day

The oldest song on this list, this is by far my favourite Green Day song. I’ve listened to them a lot more this month through trying to learn a few of their songs on my guitar, and I fell in love all over again. This song in particular has infectious melodies, and a strong political message. Is it any surprise that I like it, really?

Find it on: American Idiot (2004)

4. Stay Vicious – The Gaslight Anthem

Another band that could become a permanent fixture on this list, I absolutely love The Gaslight Anthem. This is probably my favourite song from ‘Get Hurt’, in my opinion a criminally underrated album. The heavy and soft parts of the song fit better together than they have any right to- I love it!

Find it on: Get Hurt (2014)

5. Thought Contagion – Muse

This is a first for this series, with a song that I don’t know whether I like or not. Matt Bellamy’s vocals sound a bit odd on this one, almost like he’s straining to sing in a style that doesn’t fit his voice. Having said that, it’s only my opinion, and I love the sci-fi sound that this song has. Whatever happens, I’m excited for this new album.

Find it on: TBA (2018/2019)


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