Album Review: Story Untold – Waves

Story Untold are a Canadian pop-punk band, formed in 2009. Success has been slow for the band, starting off as a solo act before introducing several members over time. All of their hard work paid off in early 2016 though, when they signed to Hopeless Records. Now, almost ten years from their formation, they have released their debut album. That alone is a triumph of plenty of effort on the bands part, but if the album was good it’d be the perfect story. Is it? Read on to find out.

From the first listen, it’s clear to see that the band have taken a lot of inspiration from their Canadian compatriots Simple Plan. The sugary melodies and catchy guitar is very familiar, even if the lyrics are much more mature. But don’t confuse this for their music being derivative- in many ways I think it’s much better than most pop-punk I’ve heard recently. The difference is in the details.

And one of the major details is the production. You see, pop-punk thrives on melodies, but its production ruins it way too often. The subtle melodies are so often drowned in noise, which really ruins the listener’s experience. In this album, the production is a lot cleaner, giving the melodies space to breath. And let’s talk about those melodies, because they sound great! In fact, every chorus is so good that any of the songs could have been a single.

Some of these songs are fantastic too. Opener ‘In Or Out’ is instantly catchy, showing off the lead singer’s fantastically clear voice. ‘All The Same’ shows that the band can be more aggressive when they want to be, without losing their fantastic melodies, while ballad ‘Invisible’ shows a slower side to the band. The quality throughout the album is consistently strong, and this is definitely one of the better pop-punk albums of the year so far.

Best songs: Drown In My Mind, All The Same

Score: 7/10


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