Album Review: Super Whatevr – Never Nothing

Super Whatevr are one of the newest additions to Hopeless Records last year. The label, known for names such as Sum 41, Yellowcard, and All Time Low seem to have an eye for new and upcoming bands, and this seems to be no different. However while the label are usually known for upbeat pop-punk, there’s something different, something darker about this band.

As soon as the opening instrumental ‘Ah Oo Oh’ kicks in, the listener is treated to a soundscape of slowly growing clean guitar, drums, and melodic vocal noises. The whole experience is somewhat relaxing, and sets up the following track, ‘Bloomfield’, perfectly. ‘Bloomfield’ sounds like a mix between The Amazons and the Arctic Monkeys, in all the best ways. The guitars are noisy and memorable, and the vocals have a level of style and swagger that I’ve not seen the like of in a long time.

And from then on, it’s a rollercoaster ride through a range of sounds, feelings, and most importantly, musical styles, as the band throw everything within their arsenal at the listener in order to make this a memorable listening experience. ‘Kathrin With a K’ is a slower, more acoustic effort with a folky melody. ‘Telelelevision’ is slow but heavy, with haunting melodies. And ‘Why Do I Wonder Why’ is this bands version of a fantastic pop-rock song. It’s great.

This band tries so many different things on this album, but there is something consistent throughout the album. Everything works. Whatever type of music you like, I’d give this a listen- it’s going to be one of the best debuts of the year.

Best songs: Bloomfield, Telelelevision, Why Do I Wonder Why

Score: 8/10


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