My Top 15 Twenty One Pilots Songs

Twenty One Pilots are a name I’ve not heard for a while in the music world. The duo’s success propelled them into the spotlight throughout 2015 and 2016, but now they’ve decided to take a well earned break before recording their next album. However all this break has done is remind me of how much I miss them. I thought I’d remedy that by writing a bit about the band, so here are my favourite fifteen songs of theirs:

15. Screen

While a lot of Twenty One Pilots songs are loud and energetic, screen is one of the most pleasant listening experiences in their whole discography. The beautiful piano melody set to a calming background of ukulele chords makes this a calming listen.

14. Migraine

One of the first Twenty One Pilots songs I truly loved, this is an absolute masterclass in metaphor. Joseph’s rapped verses are nothing short of amazing, and the chorus will make you want to sing along instantly.

13. The Judge

The Judge is an absolute masterpiece. From the beautiful lyrics, to the calming ukulele, to that incredible tempo change in the middle, it is a joy to listen to.

12. Fake You Out

Fake You Out possibly has the most hard-hitting lyrics on all of Vessel. This honest look at mental illness comes to a soundtrack of aggressive synth sounds and an absolutely furious rap. It’s often overlooked, but this is a must-listen for anyone.

11. Lane Boy

Joseph’s hard-hitting verses about the state of the music industry absolutely make this song for me. It also features absolutely incredible drum work from the one and only Josh Dun.

10. Ode To Sleep

This song is the Twenty One Pilots song that I relate the most to, and it just goes to show how good the band’s songs are that it’s only here. The contrast between the verses and the chorus perfectly represent what the lyrics say.

9. Kitchen Sink

Another one that I relate a lot to, Kitchen Sink describes Joseph’s inner struggle as an artist. If you do anything music related, this is one to listen to.

8. Heavydirtysoul

When I first heard this song, I didn’t like it at all, but coming back to it now, I finally see why everyone loves it so much. This features what is technically Joseph’s best rap on any song. Probably.

7. Holding On To You

This is my favourite of all the band’s singles, and it’s easy to see why. The infectious blend of rap and melody will stay in your head for ages, not to mention the thoughtful lyrics.

6. Doubt

Another song I hated at first, I quickly began to realise that this was my favourite song from Blurryface. The sheer creativity and interwoven melodies put this above anything else on the album.

5. Lovely

One of Vessel’s incredible bonus tracks, this is one of the most upbeat songs in the band;s discography. Don’t let that fool you though, the lyrics are still pretty dark.

4. Trees

I never understood this song until I heard it live. The sheer joy in the room just really got to me, and ever since, this song has made me happy. I have never seen such joy conveyed by simple melodies before.

3. Fall Away

The earliest song on this list, it features my favourite Tyler Joseph rap ever. His usage of lyrics and rhythm are absolutely breathtaking here.

2. Semi-Automatic

This by far the band’s catchiest song, contrasted by the incredibly dark lyrics. This contrast makes the song a must-listen for anyone who wants to get into the band, because it sums up what they do perfectly.

1. Glowing Eyes

And finally, my favourite song by the band. This is by far their most upbeat, catchy song, but it has to be heard to be believed. Give it a listen- you won’t regret it.


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