The Reason Behind This Blog’s Name Change

Nine months ago, I started this blog to share my passion for reviewing music to the world. It was called ‘The Rock Review’, and I posted my first review, a summary of okay., by As It Is. Since then, I have posted 143 posts, reviewed countless albums, and written a total of 63,820 words- more than anything I’ve ever written for a single project before. It has been a great nine months, and I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved, but I’ve realised that my original idea for this blog has slightly changed.

I originally started this to work as a sort of portfolio, to show future employers what I can do writing-wise, and I plan to use it that way, but I’ve also realised I really enjoy writing this way. Each review has been a joy to write, and with every listen, my music tastes have wildly expanded, spreading further and farther than they ever would if I hadn’t started this blog. And that leads me to the name.

You see, ‘The Rock Review’ doesn’t fit this blog anymore. I originally planned for this review to only cover rock music, but I feel like this project has become bigger, and more broader than that, and I want the ability to review more albums, from a wider range of tastes and genres. So I present to you, ‘The Alternative Review’. A small change, but one that I think will help this blog grow and reach further in the future.

I hope you enjoy it.


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