What Have I Been Listening To This Month? – January 2018

I write a lot about new music on this blog- in fact my whole blog is centred around it, but that doesn’t really make up a good reflection of what I listen to each week. So this month, I will be starting a brand new series in which I will pick five songs I’ve been listening to this month, so I can better share my taste in music. I hope you enjoy it!

1. Lucky People – Waterparks

If you know me it’ll be no surprise that I’m super excited for the new Waterparks album. As you’re reading this, the album will be out. The band has promised a bigger sound, and no end of incredible songs, so I hope it is everything that they have promised. This is their second ever acoustic track, and it is super catchy and upbeat, but with a sinister edge in the lyrics. It is truly special.

Find it on: Entertainment (2018)

2. If Your Prayers Don’t Get To Heaven – Brian Fallon

Another fact that will come as no surprise to many people: I can’t wait for Brian Fallon’s new album. Brian is one of those songwriters that can tell stories effortlessly through his lyrics, and I honestly believe he is one of the best writers in this generation. This one is a soul and motown inspired song, making a definite departure from the style of his last album. But as with all of his releases, it is still as incredible as ever.

Find it on: Sleepwalkers (2018)

3. Radiate – Enter Shikari

Even though this was never on an official album, this is still a fan favourite with the Shikari faithful. The dancey rhythms and infectious chorus all build up to make this one of the most intense songs they’ve ever written. It’s also officially the only song that’s ever made me want to dance, so if anything counts as a recommendation, that does.

Find it on: Rat Race EP (2013)

4. The Answer – Example

Yes, you read correctly, Example is back! Once my favourite artist as a kid, I never really stopped listening to him. ‘Kickstarts’ is still one of my favourite songs. And he hasn’t changed much since- this new song is just as good as ever. You might not have listened to him in a while, but just put this song on, sit back, and enjoy.

Find it on: TBA (Maybe this year?)

5. The Maine – How Do You Feel

This month, I’ve discovered The Maine. I can’t believe I’ve waited this long to listen to them though, because they’re incredible. The sleek pop-rock production mixed with some absolutely incredible choruses and great lyrics make them a must-listen for any rock fan. This one is my favourite from their newest album, Lovely, Little, Lonely.

Find it on: Lovely, Little, Lonely (2017)


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