My Favourite Non-Album Tracks

Death Blossoms – Rise Against

One of Rise Against’s heaviest songs, I first discovered this when it was a downloadable song for a Guitar Hero game. I was taken aback at first due to the sheer amount of screaming in the song, but I quickly began to love it.

New Divide – Linkin Park

Forgive me for saying this, but when I was younger, I absolutely loved the Transformers films. This was on the soundtrack to one of them, and was one of the first rock songs I ever fell in love with. I’ve since grown out of those films, but I’ll never be too old for Linkin Park.

I Won’t Be Home For Christmas – Blink-182

I know it’s a bit late to be writing about Christmas songs, but I just had to include this one. It’s negative, catchy, and funny – exactly my type of Christmas song.

Hoodwinker – Enter Shikari

This is a unique song for Enter Shikari, because instead of including synths, electronics, or any outside influences, it’s just sheer rock brutality. And it works fantastically, with the strength of Rou Reynolds’ voice really shining through.

Dirt and Roses – Rise Against

This one was written for the Avengers soundtrack, but never made it into the film itself. I wonder why, because it is by far one of Rise Against’s songs. The screamed bridge is a particular highlight.

Can’t Fight Against The Youth – Panic! at the Disco

I can’t believe this one didn’t get onto an album, because it is one of my favourite Panic! at the Disco songs. It uses electronic elements fantastically, and has a wonderful chorus.

Boy Division – My Chemical Romance

This was originally going to be an album track, before My Chemical Romance scrapped Conventional Weapons and started working on Danger Days. I’m glad, because the former is one of my favourite ever albums, but I wouldn’t have been disappointed with either.

Tranquilize – The Killers

This was technically a single for Sawdust, I know, but it is only a covers and B-sides compilation, so I’ll let it slide for the purpose of this list. It has one of the most infectious choruses I’ve ever heard, and is darker than any other Killers track. I love it!

Radiate – Enter Shikari

This song might be the only song in the world that makes me want to get up and dance- and I hate dancing! It’s infectious, catchy, intense, and everything an Enter Shikari song should be.

The Blues, Mary – Brian Fallon

Last of all, we have, in my opinion, one of the most beautiful songs of all time. I couldn’t possibly do it justice with my words, so just listen. You’ll fall in love.


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