Album Review: Camila Cabello – Camila

After a few years of hating everything in the genre, I’m finally getting back into pop music again. There are several artists making the genre a great place at the moment: Lorde, Harry Styles and Charlie Puth to name just a few. Camila Cabello has the potential to be another of those names, with her single ‘Havana’ being one of the best pop songs of 2017. But does the rest of her album live up to this?

In short, yes. But let me explain why this is one of the best pop releases of the last few years. The first reason is the length of the album, at only ten songs long. Usually I’d say this is far too short for any album, but I’ll make an exception for this one. It is short enough to leave the listener wanting more, but not long enough to become boring. It is the perfect bitesized piece of pop perfection.

Secondly, there’s the amount of variety in the album- even though the style of music is consistent and coherent, the songs cover so many different types of pop songs. Whether it’s a fingerpicked guitar ballad like ‘Real Friends’, the seductive, smooth tones of ‘Havana’, or a straight-up pop anthem in the shape of ‘Never Be The Same’, the songs all sound fantastically unique while being completely coherent.

Last of all, and perhaps most importantly, there’s the style of the album. Cabello made a lot of changes to this album in production, even scrapping the original first single ‘Crying in the Club’. This was apparently due her wanting every song to be ‘single-worthy’. And I think it’s fair to see she achieved this. As previously mentioned, each song is stylistically similar, but they all sound drastically different. There is a Latin theme running through everything, showing Cabello fully embracing, and seemingly enjoying her heritage.

And it really shows, with this albums being one of the most enjoyable, fun records I’ve listened to for the past few years. The pop world seems to be having a resurgence of late, with some incredible music coming out of it. This is some of that incredible music, and I’ll be listening to these songs for years to come.

Best songs: Real Friends, Havana

Score: 8/10


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