The Rock Review – Top 40 Songs Of 2017 – 40-21

As a great year for music is coming to a close, I’ve been thinking about my favourite songs of the year. I was originally just planning to write a top 10, but when I was narrowing everything down, there was no way I could fit everything into just one blog post. So here is the start of my top 40 song of the year. I hope you enjoy them!

40. Whatever It Takes – Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons’ third album, Evolve, was a fairly poor showing, especially by their standards, but it did give us two fantastic singles in the shape of ‘Believer’ and ‘Whatever It Takes’. The latter is the best of the couple, and just about makes this list at number 40.

39. Ultraviolet – The Amazons

The Amazons were one of the massive selection of great bands I’ve discovered this year, and this was one of the best songs from their new album, with one of the best choruses of the year.

38. All Time Low – Dirty Laundry

This is one that will polarise opinion, but I absolutely love this song. Coming out of a relatively poor album by All Time Low, fans and critics alike seemed to hate this song, but I actually really enjoy the slower, electronic feel of this song.

37. The Way You Used To Do – Queens Of The Stone Age

The Queens Of The Stone Age employed pop producer Mark Ronson to produce this year’s incredibly highly rated Villains, and you can really hear his influence on this song. One of the catchiest rock songs of the year by far.

36. Black Magic – The Amazons

This is the second (and not the last) time that Reading rockers The Amazons appear on this list. How could you ignore that guitar riff?

35. How Long – Charlie Puth

Until I heard this song earlier in the year, I was under the impression that Charlie Puth was yet another average popstar, but this song completely flipped that assumption on its head. It has so many little details that make it special, and has to be one of the best produced songs of the year.

34. Cold Hands – Miss Vincent

Miss Vincent were another smaller band I discovered this year, and this song just blew me away. To have such a coherent, catchy sound at such an early stage in a band’s career is something to be marvelled at.

33. One Foot – Walk The Moon

While it wasn’t quite as good as their 2014 masterpiece, Talking Is Hard, Walk The Moon released a great pop-rock album in What If Nothing. This, the lead single from the album, is the obvious highlight.

32. With Or Without Me – SAINTE

SAINTE injected a much needed burst of colour into the rock world this year with her incredible debut EP. This was the pick of that album by a long way.

31. What’s Wrong – PVRIS

While PVRIS’ second album this year was a disappointment in my opinion, it still contained some great songs. ‘Winter’ and ‘Nola 1’ were both fantastic, but this song beat them both by a long way.

30. Wasted – Kasabian

For Crying Out Loud was definitely Kasabian’s worst album to date, but at least it gave us this song. The guitar sounds fantastic, and it could just have the catchiest hook of the year.

29. Airfield – Enter Shikari

If there’s any song guaranteed to make you feel emotional on this list, it’ll be this one. Enter Shikari took a more minimalistic songwriting approach on their new album, and this typified that, a simple but emotional piano ballad.

[unfortunately there is no YouTube video of this song, but I will update when one becomes available]

28. 6/8 – Blink-182

We saw a brand new side of Blink-182 in California’s deluxe edition, one featuring much more experimentation and variety, and I, for one, loved it. This one one of the biggest departures from their normal style, and it sounds great.

27. Super Natural – Turnover

Turnover created one of the best albums of the year in Good Nature, and this, the opener, was by far the highlight. One of the most chilled, but catchy songs of the year.

26. Waking Up Slow – Gabrielle Aplin

Gabrielle Aplin released yet another great EP this year, but this song is by far the highlight. Possibly the best pop song of the year.

25. No Way Out – As It Is

From an intensely positive song to a negative one, this song showcased As It Is at their very darkest. The monologue in the bridge by vocalist Patty Walters is definitely one of the highlights of the entire album.

24. Rabble Rouser – Enter Shikari

The second Enter Shikari song on the list, this is the polar opposite of Airfield. It is dark, moody, and infectious, fusing rock music with grime-style beats, and it works more than it has any right to.

23. The Maze – Manchester Orchestra

This was a beautiful opener to one of my albums of the year. While the rest of the album was dark and heavy, this acted as a beautiful acoustic prelude, setting the rest of the album up perfectly.

22. House On Fire – Rise Against

Rise Against returned to form emphatically this year with the highly rated Wolves. This is by far the highlight, and maybe one of the band’s catchiest ever songs.

21. Suzanne – Creeper

Creeper really excelled this year, creating a theatrical style of music that put it above any other punk release this year- even Rise Against’s Wolves. This is one of the best songs from that album.

Next week I will be taking a Christmas break from writing on this blog, but tune back in a week from now for the conclusion of this list. See you then!


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