Album Review: Linkin Park – One More Light Live

There have been a fair few live albums released this week, as the year begins to end, but none feel as significant as this one. It’s fair to say that Linkin Park have had a tough year, compounded by the loss of their lead singer Chester Bennington in late July. The whole music world rallied around the band, offering their support and showing solidarity. Perhaps due to the world’s incredible support, Linkin Park mean to go on creating music, but before any of that could happen, they released this live album, a tribute to Chester’s memory.

One More Light Live contains not only songs from One More Light, but a selection of the band’s greatest hits as well, including fan favourites such as ‘Numb’, ‘What I’ve Done’, and ‘In The End’. But oddly enough, it’s the new songs that hit the hardest. Songs such as ‘Battle Symphony’,  ‘Heavy’, and of course, the incredible ‘One More Light’ are all sung incredibly by the singer, conveying a whole lot of emotion. Chester sounds broken and beaten down, but optimistic, and I feel like that sums the whole album up perfectly. Chester is clearly not at his best here, but his talent and charisma shines through the whole album nonetheless.

But there is one factor that ruins this album for me- the terrible sound quality. Live recording is a precise art- you have to balance everything perfectly to get everything to sound just right, but whoever was recording this clearly hadn’t mastered that art. It says a lot for Chester that his talent shines through on this project, because it really doesn’t sound very good. If you want to experience Chester’s true talent, look elsewhere.

Score: 4/10



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