My Ideal Setlist: Lorde

Today I am premiering a new feature. In it, I will pick a different artist each time, and write about what my ideal setlist would be for seeing them live. First of all, I have picked Lorde, who seems to be particularly relevant at the moment, fresh off her Grammy Award nomination for her latest album, Melodrama. So without further ado, here’s my ideal setlist for Lorde:

1. Tennis Court

Just as this starts off her 2013 debut, Pure Heroine, I feel like this would be the ideal way to start a show. Starting off with slow, ambient, electronic sound, this would slowly bring people into the show until everyone is singing that incredible chorus. A perfect start.

2. White Teeth Teens

This song would act as the perfect transition between her old and new, keeping the dark, electronic sound of Pure Heroine, while adding some of the soaring melodies of Melodrama. This is one of the most underrated Lorde songs, and I feel like it deserves some time live.

3. Sober

This would be the perfect first song to play from Lorde’s new music, taking over from White Teeth Teens and slowly adding more layers of melody.

4. Homemade Dynamite

One of the reasons I’ve put this here is that I’ve listened to Melodrama so much that it would just sound wrong if it didn’t come after ‘Sober’. It’s not just that though; it carries on the story from ‘Sober’ pretty perfectly.

5. Green Light

All of the previous songs have been fairly slow to get into, so this would bring a much-needed injection of energy into the set. This is the most well known song from Melodrama, and would make the crowd go wild.

6. Royals

This would complete a double-header of Lorde’s most popular songs, but also slow things down to make way for the next two songs.

7. Ribs

‘Royals’ would transition into, in my opinion, two of the best songs from Pure Heroine. The first of which would be ‘Ribs’, a fan favourite.

8. Buzzcut Season

Let’s be honest, could you even play ‘Ribs’ without following it up with this?

9. Yellow Flicker Beat

The only non-album song on this list, it is impossible to leave out! One of the most catchy songs Lorde has ever written at the very least.

10. Liability/Liability Reprise

After the end of ‘Yellow Flicker Beat’ everything would fade to black and the piano chords from the start of this song would begin to ring out. One of the best songs of the year, this is guaranteed to make the crowd go crazy!

11. The Louvre

Not only one of the standout tracks from Melodrama, this would slowly bring the energy up from ‘Liability’ and help the transition into the next song.

12. Perfect Places

As the energy is built up from ‘The Louvre’, the show would again burst into life with this one! Not only is it the perfect closer to Melodrama, it’s the perfect closer to a live show… or is it?


13. Team

After ‘Perfect Places’ ends and the crowd begin to go silent, the opening lyrics would ring out to mark the start of the encore, and this song. I guarantee, as a Lorde fan, nothing would make me excited.

14. Supercut

As the energy of the venue reaches its height, the most energetic song that Lorde has ever made would fit perfectly. This one is an underrated gem.

15. A World Alone

Is there any better closing song in Lorde’s catalogue? Not only does it close Pure Heroine perfectly, it would close a live show perfectly too, bringing the energy down and finishing with those iconic lyrics, ‘Let them talk’.

And there it is, the end of the last song. If you want the full experience, go all the way back to the top, and listen to the songs one after another.


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