EP Review: Divide – Embers

The first time I listened to Glasgow quintet Divide, I thought I was listening to some of Paramore’s early stuff, until I heard noticed the Scottish accent in lead singer Nicole Mason’s voice. And believe me, comparisons to Paramore don’t come lightly around here- they’re one of my favourite bands of all time!

By now you’ll probably have worked out that Divide make catchy pop-punk, led by a female voice. And not only is it refreshing to hear a female voice in a male-dominated industry, it’s refreshing to hear one as unique and powerful as this one. It’s not just mindless, boring pop-punk as you hear all the time at the moment too- it frequently contains shadows of a much heavier, darker sound. So all the signs are good, but is this as good as they suggest?

Opener ‘Before I Go’ shows positive signs from the start, with huge soaring choruses, and a wonderful vocal performance. ‘Catalyst’ is more of the same, while ‘Last Words’ delivers yet another brilliant chorus. The title track is the real star of the show, delivering something darker than anything else on the album. The vocal performance, as usual, is perfect, and the guitar riffs are better than anything else on the album here.

In conclusion, this is yet another fantastic debut that 2017 has brought to us, and if this band play it right, they could become future stars. They have everything they need for success- a well-defined style, a fantastic vocalist with a unique voice, great songwriting, and a solid rhythm section. Yeah, there’s definitely room for improvement, but this is one of the most promising things I’ve heard in a while.

Best songs: Before I Go, Embers

Score: 7/10



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