Live Review: Enter Shikari – Motorpoint Arena Nottingham – 18th November 2017

It’s been only a couple of years since Enter Shikari last played the Motorpoint Arena in Nottingham, but it feels like they’ve come a long way since. Their newest album, The Spark, was a big departure from anything they’ve ever done before, but still a massive hit with fans, getting fantastic reviews from all around the music world. This time, they have taken both hard rock titans Lower Than Atlantis, and up-and-coming grime group Astroid Boys along with them, in what promises to be one of the best tours of the year.

First up are Astroid Boys, and they’re already at a disadvantage, performing what is mostly grime in front of a group of dedicated rock fans. Having said that, their set is energetic, really well performed, and political, which helps to get the fans on side. And as someone who’s never really enjoyed the genre, I was really impressed. Next up were Lower Than Atlantis, performing a strong, solid set, and whipping the eager crowd up into a frenzy with fan favourites like ‘Had Enough’ and ‘Here We Go’. They even managed to get a circle pit going at one point, which, for a support band, is mightily impressive.

But anything the supports could do, Enter Shikari could do better, taking the stage to rapturous cheering an applause, and launching into ‘The Sights’. It isn’t one of their better-known songs, but you wouldn’t be able to tell, as the crowd know every single word, shouting it back at a particularly energetic Rou Reynolds. And their other new material gets just as good a reception, with ‘Take My Country Back’ and ‘Rabble Rouser’ getting some of the best crowd reactions of the night.

The old stuff appears just as popular though, as ‘Solidarity’ and ‘Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour’ are met with frenzied excitement. And through out the show, the fans are taken on a tour through Shikari past and present, with tracks ranging from ‘Radiate’ and ‘Arguing With Thermometers’ all the way to the newer sound of ‘Airfield’ and ‘Undercover Agents’. Particularly popular is a ‘quickfire round’ where some of the band’s heaviest songs are played back to back, including the legendary ‘Sorry You’re Not A Winner’ and ‘Sssnakepit’.

The crowd are left shattered afterwards, but there is still enough left in them for a slightly more serene encore, consisting of ‘Redshift’ and ‘Live Outside’. Enter Shikari have been known for being unique and innovative throughout their career, but this live show is something completely new and special, featuring not only quadraphonic sound, but absolutely insane stage production. They continue to push the limits of both live and recorded music, and I can’t wait to see them again.

Score: 9/10


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