Album Review: Night Riots – Love Gloom

Night Riots have been hard at work since they first started out as a band. Originally releasing a full-length album, then a string of three EPs, they attracted the attention of Sumerian records. They then released another EP, but this is their first full-length record under a record label. They have been cultivating their self-coined gloom pop for seven years now, but on this record they really have something to prove. But do they deliver?

Well the album starts well enough, as first song (after the standard introductory track) is fantastic. ‘Nothing Personal’ sums up their sound perfectly in one song, with dark, infectious synth sounds, mixed with great choruses and the occasional bit of heavier rock.

Another incredible example of this is ‘Contagious’, a song that’s been around for a while, but still sounds as good as the first release. The electronic drums and vocal sampling gives it a distinct 80’s sound, but the chorus sounds more modern, reminiscent of something by the Killers. But just using one band to describe them doesn’t really do them justice. In fact, using any bands to compare them to probably does them a disservice, because their sound is so unique, blending rock, pop, and electronic music in beautiful fashion.

The album is split into three sections, divided by two interludes, and while the first (containing the two aforementioned songs) is undeniably the strongest, the whole album will keep your interest all the way through. The second section is arguably the weakest, but still really enjoyable, containing the catchy but intense ‘Don’t Kill The Messenger’, and the anthemic ‘Tear Me Apart’. The third section is undeniably strong too. Highlights include the uncharacteristically optimistic ‘Everything Will Be Alright’, and the slow buildup of closer ‘As You Are’.

I came into this album expecting nothing, but this album absolutely blew me away. It is like nothing I’ve ever listened before, and probably unlike anything I’ll ever listen to again, and that’s why I love it so much. In a world where rock music is being diluted by less-than-talented bands, pumping out generic music, this is a quality release that I can’t recommend enough.

Best songs: Nothing Personal, Contagious

Score: 8/10


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