Is Pop-Punk Getting Stale? Part 2

So after the first part of this piece, which was a rather critical look into the world of pop-punk, I think a more positive point of view is necessary. So here is a list of pop-punk bands who are really pushing boundaries and doing things right at the moment.

Neck Deep

Neck Deep are one of the most popular bands on this list, and for good reason. Their brand of pop-punk is catchy, energetic, and while it does adhere to a lot of pop-punk conventions, it is far from generic.

Listen to: In Bloom, December, Nineteen Seventy Sumthin’, Where Do We Go When We Go

As It Is

As It Is sound very different from any other pop-punk band, mainly due to their choice of using a lot of clean guitar sounds as well as the distortion. The vocals have an interesting dynamic too, thanks to having one English and one American singer. Not only this, but their new album (okay.) contains songs from all over the pop-punk spectrum, from the very poppy to the dark and sinister.

Listen to: Pretty Little Distance, Soap, No Way Out

State Champs

Similarly to Neck Deep, State Champs do stick to a lot of pop-punk conventions, but that’s fine when your music is so catchy! Honestly, this band has a knack for writing choruses like no other band on this list.

Listen to: Around The World And Back, Losing Myself, All You Are Is History


Despite being veterans of the scene, Blink-182 are still pushing and developing their sound to this day. Things had began to become stagnant with Tom DeLonge causing problems in the band, but now he’s been replaced by Matt Skiba of the Alkaline Trio, the band are back and better than ever. Their latest album, California includes some of their best work to this date, and the deluxe edition includes some incredible experimental cuts. They might just be the best pop-punk band of all time.

Listen to: 6/8, Misery, What’s My Age Again, Bottom Of The Ocean


Seaway just take pop-punk, instil it with as much life and energy as possible, and then put it out into the world. Their latest album, Vacation, is a blast of summery energy, and is one of the most fun pop-punk records I’ve ever heard.

Listen to: Lula On The Beach, Something Wonderful, 40 Over

New Found Glory

Despite their age as a band, New Found Glory are still making fresh, relevant pop-punk. There’s not much else to say other than it’s well produced, catchy, and doesn’t sound like any other band out there.

Listen to: Happy Being Miserable, Party On Apocalypse, My Friends Over You

Against The Current

I’m not sure whether I’d call these a pop-punk band any more, but I’m going to put them in this list anyway just because they make great music. They blend smooth pop melodies with pop-punk style and it works perfectly.

Listen to: In Our Bones, Forget Me Now, Fireproof, Paralyzed


The rest of this list wasn’t in any particular order, but I’ve definitely saved the best until last. Waterparks make catchy, entertaining and unique pop-punk better than anyone in the rock world. Every song is different and unique in a way bringing different ideas to the genre, and they are exactly what pop-punk needs at the moment.

Listen to: All of Double Dare; it’s too good to miss anything from it.


3 thoughts on “Is Pop-Punk Getting Stale? Part 2

  1. I really enjoyed your post! I think you supplied a wide range of pop punk artists in the scene, and all of their music is strong in their own right. I am also loving the new Blink 182 album: I’ve always been a fan of Blink, but “California” is spectacular.

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  2. I loved this post! I enjoyed how you included pop punk bands that all have their own characteristic sound while staying under the same “genre” umbrella. Also, “California” by Blink 182 is literal art.

    Liked by 1 person

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