Album Review: Coldfront – Float Around

Coldfront are an up-and-coming pop-punk band from Ontario, Canada. Musically, they make energetic, but melodic pop-punk with a bit of a rougher edge than a lot of the band in the scene. At this point, alarm bells will be ringing in your ears if you know about my opinions on the state of modern pop-punk. But read on, because I have a bit of a different opinion on this one…

The first thing I noticed about this band was that their sound was a little more rough around the edges than your average pop-punk band. The vocals are very rough but also melodic, treading the line between intensity and melody perfectly. This is shown really well in the first song, ‘So Typical’, which has a really catchy chorus, but rough vocals that even break into a scream at one point.

Speaking of catchiness, this album has it in abundance. ‘Everything You Want Me To Be’ is one of the pop-punk songs of the year, whereas ‘It’s Hit Me’ is a two-minute bomb of energy. The album does blur a bit in the middle sections with songs like the title track and ‘Blame Me’ not quite hitting the mark, but that can easily be forgiven with the quality of the surrounding songs.

For a debut album, the sound and quality that Coldfront have created is really impressive. Over all, this is a great debut, and if you’re a pop-punk fan, you should check this out.

Best songs: So Typical, Everything You Want Me To Be, It’s Hit Me

Score: 6/10


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