EP Review: Echoic – Shadows Of You

Echoic are a three-piece from Reading, and are a very hot prospect in the rock scene. Their music could be described as catchy rock music with added electronics, creating a richer sound than a lot of bands out there. But style is nothing without substance, so how good is this EP really?

You’d expect some imperfections in the band’s sound, with them being such a relatively young band, but you won’t find any here. The production is stylish and glossy, seamlessly fusing the rock and electronic elements to great effect, giving the album a really smooth sound. This is shown more than ever on ‘Next To You’, which uses ambient guitar really well in the verse, before ramping things up into a louder chorus, complete with distorted power chords.

The other songs are seamlessly produced as well, with a consistent sound all the way through. ‘Blame’ has incredible vocal delivery, while ‘Ghost’ is beautifully ambient before launching into a great chorus. ‘We Burn Like This’ stands out from the other tracks though, with a bit more of a rough sound. Usually I’d have a problem with this because it wouldn’t really fit with the rest of the album, but this song, and so well produced that it seems to fit anyway.

This is a quality EP from a really talented band, and I definitely think you should listen to it.

Best songs: We Burn Like This, Next To You

Score: 7/10


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