Album Review: Wolf Alice – Visions Of A Life

This is an album I feel like a lot of people have been waiting for. Their fist album was a sprawling but beautiful mess of melody, with a bit of punk energy mixed in. NME even called it ‘the best debut album of the 21st century’. Oddly enough though, the first single from this album, ‘Yuk Foo’ was met with mixed reception. It was an angry, rough, punk song, with enough aggression to fill an entire album. It was the first Wolf Alice song I ever heard, and I hated it at first. In fact, it put me off the band altogether. It was only after encouragement from my friends that I listened to the first album. And to my surprise, I loved it. Not only that, but I actually begun to like ‘Yuk Foo’ after I listened to it again. I feel like that was a lesson for me, teaching me not to judge a band on one song.

Wolf Alice’s first album was special. This album feels even more so. It’s a little heavier, and darker than their first album, and while that may disappoint a fan or two, I think it sounds great! This album shows the band maturing, and taking new steps, and stretching the boundaries of their already well-established sound. If you like the heavier parts of their music, ‘Yuk Foo’ is a two-minute blast of punk aggression. Less heavy, but just as dark is ‘Planet Hunter’, showing a brutally honest side of the bands’ writing. Just as honest is ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’, possibly the best song on the record. The album saves one of its’ best tracks for last though, with the title track. It is a rollercoaster of a range of styles fusing together perfectly to end the album.

I thought the first Wolf Alice album was a masterpiece, but this is something else. The band have pushed themselves on this, sounding like something new and something familiar at the same time. Their sound was raw and beautiful on the first album, but this is even more so, making this one of the must-listen albums of the year.

Best songs: Don’t Delete The Kisses, Visions Of A Life

Score: 9/10


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