Album Review: Makeout – The Good Life

Makeout are a band that seem poised to make it big in the rock world. Blink-182 have praised them as the future of pop-punk, and their new album has been produced by John Feldmann, essentially a ticket to fame in the rock world. Having said that, I’m less than impressed by their new album. Here’s why…

The album is catchy, that’s for sure. The melodies are great, and have a way of getting into your head. But unfortunately, that’s a necessity in the pop-punk world. Beyond that, there’s really not much substance to the album. A great example of this is the first song, ‘Childish’. Is the melody catchy? Yes. Is there energy? Tonnes of it. Is there anything more than that? Definitely not.

The album goes on in a similar way; high on production, melody and energy, low on anything else. But there is a bigger problem with this album, and that is the fact that the whole album seems so childish. For example, the asides in ‘Lisa’ don’t make me like this band anymore. In fact, they make me dislike the lead singer. He comes across as childish, arrogant and a bit nasty. Furthermore, ‘Secrets’ sounds incredibly immature, and ‘You Can’t Blame Me’ just completely rips off a Blink-182 riff.

If you’re looking for a new, revolutionary rock band, you’ve come to the wrong place. If you can stomach the lyrics, then maybe you’ll at least enjoy the musicality of this record. If not, avoid it at all costs.

Score: 4/10


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