Album Review: Arcane Roots – Melancholia Hymns

Arcane Roots are a band that are very well thought of in the music world. I have seen many music publications praise the band’s creativity and style, incorporating influences from all around the music world into their songs. Having said that, this is my first introduction into the band, and I’m more than impressed. Here’s why…

So where do I even begin to describe this album? Honestly, it’s difficult. But the one word that did come to me immediately was ‘epic’. I feel that that sums this album up pretty well. From the start of the first song, ‘Before Me’, I was caught in a wash of atmospheric synths, gradually building up and bursting into life in the final portion of the song. It truly was beautiful, and I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to the band.

From then on, the album is a beautiful symphony, made up of too many elements to list, but including beautiful swelling synths, epic-sounding metal guitar, and vocals that can easily switch from beautifully smooth into a scream. The style and substance of this album is incredible. It feels odd listing individual tracks because the album works so well together, but some of the standouts include ‘Matter’ which has an incredible guitar riff, ‘Arp’, which switches from something  beautifully soft, into sonic chaos, and ‘Half The World’, which brings the album to a close in the most epic way possible.

If you’re looking for straightforward rock songs, with a verse, chorus and a bridge, than you’ve come to the wrong place, but if you want something more than that, the closest I’ve heard to a symphony in a rock album to date, then listen away. This album is truly special.

Best songs: Half The World, Matter, Arp

Score: 9/10


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