EP Review: 7 Minutes In Heaven – Symmetry

7 Minutes In Heaven were named after the Fall Out Boy song of the same name, which could either be a great thing or a bad one. Either they’ll attract loads of fans of the same type of music, or they’ll never live up to the name of their band. For that not to happen, this EP needs to be good. So it it?

Well opener ‘Better Off’ shows a lot of promise. The musicality is great, with smooth verses and intense choruses. You can easily imagine this being a huge singalong live. ‘Sweetest Sin’ is also a great song, showing some of the band’s smooth side without losing any of that pop-punk energy. This song alone shows a lot of promise, and it’s clear this band knows how to write a great chorus.

Then there’s the bad. Songs like ‘LOTL’ and ‘Symmetry’ are just a collection of pop-punk clichés, ironically borrowing from the style of bands like Fall Out Boy. The songs are okay, but just listening to them feels like I’ve heard them before. In amongst the thousands of pop-punk bands out there, you need to do something special to stand out, and these songs are nothing special.

There is another silver lining towards the end of the EP with the rip-roaring ‘Wishing Well’, by far the best song on the record, and yet more proof of the band’s writing skill. The problem with this EP is that this band’s talent is clear to see, but it isn’t shown enough. There is too much generic material on this record for it to really stand out, which is frustrating, because this band is clearly very talented. This is a disappointing EP, but with so much promise.

Best songs: Wishing Well, Sweetest Sin

Score: 5/10


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