Album Review: The Movielife – Cities In Search Of A Heart

The Movielife haven’t been around for a while. And by that, I mean their last album was released in 2003. After that, the band broke up, but rumours of a reunion kept circling around, all the way up until 2014, where the band officially reunited. But not every reunion goes to plan; so how good is this album?

Well after 14 years, you’d expect at least a little change in the band’s music, and that’s definitely the case. With age, the band’s music has slowed down, tending more towards the emo side of their music than the pop-punk. This definitely isn’t such a bad thing though, and the music hasn’t lost any of its’ intensity, despite the slight change in style. For example, opener ‘Ski Mask’ holds nothing back, showing the contrast between their old style (‘I could smash in your windows and slash all your tires’) and their new one (‘Can we just do this the easy way?’).

From then on, the album stays at a steady pace, reaching the heights set by the first song. ‘Pour Two Glasses’ is an emotional ballad, complete with violins, while ‘Ghosts In The Photographs’ contains by far the best chorus on the album. The standout song however, is clearly ‘Mercy Is Asleep At The Wheel’, a great fusion of styles that grows into the heaviest song on the album towards its’ end.

This band may have been gone for a while, but they haven’t lost it in their time away, and this could be one of the comebacks of the year. A must listen for fans of classic emo rock.

Best songs: Mercy Is Asleep At The Wheel, Ghosts In The Photographs, Hearts

Score: 7/10


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