Album Review: The Killers – Wonderful Wonderful

It’s been a while since we last saw The Killers. Their last album, Battle Born was good, but not of the quality the band’s fans expected of the band. In order to recharge for the next album, the band took a long break, working on solo projects and releasing a greatest hits album. All eyes were on them as they dramatically released lead single ‘The Man’ without any warning, and they really delivered. It was an incredible song, marking some of Brandon Flowers’ best writing and vocal work.

This fifth album marks a new era in The Killers careers’ and after all their past success, they could go anywhere with it.If they wanted to make something heavier, they could. If they wanted to make something poppier, they could. If they wanted to throw a massive curveball and write in a completely different style, logistically, they could. But they haven’t decided to do any of those things. In fact, each song feels like a little time capsule, looking back on a different era of The Killers’ sound. You’ll have already heard ‘The Man’, which could easily fit on debut Hot Fuss, and ‘Run For Cover’ which sounds like it could be a single from Sam’s Town. You might have even heard title track ‘Wonderful Wonderful’, which has a lot in common with ‘Tranquilize’, from the compilation album Sawdust. But none of these songs really sum up the album properly, and you’ll have to listen to all of it to properly get an idea of what it should be.

‘Rut’ is beautifully nostalgic, while ‘Out Of My Mind’ is an 80’s tinged gem, and ‘Some Kind Of Love’ is one of the slowest Killers songs ever written. It doesn’t suffer for it though, as it is atmospheric and beautiful. By far the standout track, however, is ‘Tyson Vs Douglas’, a fantastically catchy pop-rock tune. If you want an album that sounds like any other Killers album, you’ve come to the wrong place, but otherwise, enjoy this nostalgic gem of an album.

Best songs: Tyson Vs Douglas, The Man, Run For Cover

Score: 7/10


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