Album Review: Sløtface – Try Not To Freak Out

Sløtface are a band that has been gaining a lot of traction over the past year. Adored by magazines like Kerrang!, I have heard more and more about them as time has passed. And since I first discovered the band, I’ve been really interested in them; I think female-fronted bands are important in the rock scene (and I thought the name was funny). So naturally, this is an album I’ve been waiting for for quite a time. I love the rough-around-the-edges sound the band has crafted, and this album sounds as beautifully raw as ever.

Not only does this album sound great, it shows some of the brutal honesty and anger defined by the early punk movement. In the first song, singer Haley Shea rages against modern beauty standards, shouting ‘Patti Smith would never put up with this shit’. And the brutal honesty of the lyrics don’t stop there. ‘Night Guilt’ explores the time when bad thoughts begin to creep into your mind just before you go to sleep, which is something everyone has experienced, I’m sure. Following the same themes, ‘Slumber’ shows a slower side of the bands music, a 5-minute long song that gets the closest to theatrics that this band will ever be.

This is definitely the record 2017 needs. It offers a refreshingly honest look into many topics, particularly concerning mental health, and has breathed new life into the rock scene. A lot of punk music, particularly pop-punk has been growing stale of late, and for a band to create a record this good just proves their talent, and songs as incredible as ‘Galaxies’ and ‘Pitted’ are a testament to this. If feminist, political, angry punk is your thing, this might well be your album of the year.

Best songs: Galaxies, Pitted, Night Guilt

Score: 9/10


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