Album Review: Seaway – Vacation

Seaway are a band with a point to prove. Over their past releases, they have crafted a brand of upbeat, melodic pop-punk. For a while now, their music has been gaining fans and notoriety, and this album sees them poised to really make a name for themselves in the pop-punk world. But for that to happen, this album doesn’t just have to continue their trend of making great music, but push it even further. Simply put, it needs to be a top-quality album. But is it that? Read on to find out.

Well it certainly starts out well. The smooth guitar tones going into the catchy opener ‘Apartment’ are definitely easy on the ears, but that isn’t all. It is already clear to see that the production on the album is much better than anything the band have created before. The guitar sounds melodic, crisp, and clear, and the vocals are clearer than ever. This is also evident on another of the earlier songs, ‘London’, which stands out as one of the catchiest songs on the record.

The quality carries on across the record. ‘Lula on the Beach’ has a rather atmospheric opening before becoming one of the heaviest songs on the record. Despite this, the band seem to be having a great time, singing ‘But now the haze is gone, I’m in a better place’. The feel-good vibe of the album continues with ‘Something Wonderful’, which is by far the best song on the album. Even as I listen to it now, I feel like dancing.

By this point the album has got so much momentum that occasional missteps like ‘Day Player’ are easily forgotten. And of course there are a couple of missteps, but the album is packed with so much quality that it doesn’t even matter. This album needed to be amazing, and it definitely hit that mark. I can see great things for this band.

Best songs: Lula on the Beach, Something Wonderful, 40 Over

Score: 8/10


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