Album Review: Across The Atlantic – Works Of Progress

Across The Atlantic’s first album, Holding on to What We Know was a great record, mixing aspects of metalcore with pop-punk to great result. But due to a lot of similarities, many people heard it and christened it ‘A Day To Remember-lite’, despite a lot of redeeming qualities in the music. But on this, their second album, they have definitively shaken off this label, producing yet another great selection of songs, abounding in both style and substance.

Not only is this album great in its own right, it surpasses the band’s previous album by a long way. A perfect example of this is ‘Sundress Funeral’, which has to be the best song the band has ever produced. A quiet ukulele strummed intro bursts into a huge pop-punk hit, complete with a chorus any band would be proud of. A close second to this is the furious ‘Self(less)’, which uses a brilliant metalcore-esque breakdown to emphasise maybe the angriest song on the album.

Obviously the range of styles has made this album rather diverse. If you take the summery pop-punk vibes of ‘Sundress Funeral’ and compare them to ‘Blind Eyes’, possibly the most metalcore-inspired song of the album, you wouldn’t even think they were the same band. The album is anything but generic, I’ll give you that. But despite the variety, this album sounds very cohesive. All of the songs fit together, and nothing really feels out of place, which is what separates this album from the previous one. This is not just a great step, but a giant leap for Across The Atlantic, and I can’t wait to hear whatever they come up with next.

Best song: Sundress Funeral

Score: 7/10


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