Album Review: Broadside – Paradise

Broadside have been performing quality pop-punk since their first album in 2015. And it was a strong first album, full of energy, and everything a pop-punk album really needs. Since then, they have gained a lot more fans, through their energetic brand of music, and all of them have been eagerly awaiting this new album. But will they use it and define themselves as a band even further, or will they continue to fit carefully in that typical pop-punk bracket?

Well some of these songs show definite growth. ‘Laps Around A Picture Frame’ is a great song, showing some excellent use of electronic elements, mixed with some guitars that thunder in during the chorus and some excellent drumming. On the other hand, some show very little. The title track is typical pop-punk, and that’s great, but this band have proven that they can make quality pop-punk time and time again. It should be time to branch out – by all means not leaving the genre behind, but adding new elements in, like New Found Glory did excellently with their new album by adding electronic elements.

Unfortunately, this seems the case with most of the album, with songs like ‘Disconnect’, ‘Who Cares?’ and ‘Miss Imperius’ blurring together into a pop-punk haze. If you played all three to me, I’d have difficulty distinguishing between the three. But when they stay from this, it’s great! While sounding like the same pop-punk blur at first, ‘Puzzle Pieces’ is an absolute anthem of a song, with a soaring chorus, and shouted and spoken sections that help to define itself as a great song. ‘Tunnel Vision’ has a great rhythm, and the final track ‘I Love You, I Love You. It’s Disgusting’ uses a ukulele backing incredibly. It’s just a shame that this sort of innovation doesn’t happen frequently enough.

Overall, I wouldn’t say this album shows enough departure from the last but it’s not all bad. Sure there are too many similar-sounding pop-punk songs on the album, but in between those some great songs can be found. There’s a great acoustic song, some fantastic use of a ukulele, and some great electronic influences, it’s just a shame these things are so few and far between. Broadside have proved that they can make some quality songs, so going forward they need to take these innovations, and use them more frequently. This is a band with a lot of promise, believe me.

Best song: Laps Around A Picture Frame

Score: 5/10


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