Album Review: Hey Violet – From The Outside

Hey Violet are a name that have been circling around the rock world for a while now, which actually surprises me. Their musical style leans more towards pop music, and after supporting 5 Seconds Of Summer several times, I always thought they’d be much more suited to making a crack at the mainstream world. Despite this, they still get serious attention by magazines like Kerrang! and Rock Sound, and that is where I heard their name first. But I think this is a great thing, because it will lead to more people form both the rock and pop world discovering a range of new music through this band. This is their first album and first chance at breaking the lines between genres. But how good is it?

Firstly, ‘Brand New Moves’ is one of the catchiest songs on the album. A brilliant bassline mixes with seductive vocals to make a song that anyone would dance to. To contrast this, main single ‘Guys My Age’ leans more towards the bands pop sensibilities, using low synth sounds to create a song that’ll get straight into your head. There are some missteps though – ‘My Consequence’ is catchy enough, but seems go go on for a lot longer than it really should. This blow is softened though, as this song is followed by the brilliant ‘O.D.D.’. The subtle guitar in this song is a joy to listen to, even though the ‘Fuck bitches, get money, blow cash’ line is as cringy as anything. ‘All We Ever Wanted’ is another great song, throwing their rock side away completely to create a song that would get anyone dancing. Three minutes of pop perfection. ‘Like Lovers Do’ is another surprise, reminiscent of ‘Build God, Then We’ll Talk’ by Panic! At The Disco. Not as good, but even the comparison is a compliment to be honest. And finally they return to their rock roots with ‘This Is Me Breaking Up With You’, creating a great little pop-punk song.

In conclusion, this is a solid first effort, despite the occasional missteps. Hey Violet definitely show that they can create a great pop song, and a great rock song. There are, however, occasionally signs of immaturity in the lyrics, showing that the band are still growing. But let’s not hold them up on that, because as a first album, this is good, especially considering the massive change in style that they have undertaken.

Best song: All We Ever Wanted

Score: 6/10


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