EP Review: Faux – Faux

I had never really heard of this band, and definitely never listened to them before the release of this EP, but comparisons to Brand New instantly drew me to it. Here are my thoughts:

Opening track ‘Speak Up’ mixes quiet, melodic verses with louder, more intense choruses. The composition particularly stands out, as lots of different parts fit together to make an excellent song. Next track ‘Around’ is written in a similar style, with some great intricate guitar playing during the verses. But it is the singing in this track that particularly stands out, showing a great vocal range in the chorus. ‘Hot Headed’ continues the trend of great guitar playing, and great composition, standing out as probably the best song on the EP. Finally, ‘Some Nights’ is atmospheric but intense, with great instrumental work, and the track slowing down towards the end is a great finish to the EP.

In conclusion, this is a great second EP, and the band show a lot of talent. Each song is intricate, but not enough to sound overproduced, and that’s a difficult balance to strike. One criticism of mine is that all the songs are in a similar style, and I would like to see more variety, but I understand that that’s difficult in just a 4-song EP. Having said that, this is great to listen to, and shows a huge amount of promise.

Best Song: Hot Headed

Score: 7/10


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