EP Review: Seasonal – Bloom

Seasonal are a UK band that I had never heard of before the release of this EP, but some beautiful cover art and comparisons to Mayday Parade gave me a sense of intrigue about this record. After one listen to this, I was hooked. Here’s what I thought of each song:

Opening track ‘Certainty’ showed me exactly why the comparisons to Mayday Parade were made. Great guitar work and soulful, emotional vocals blend together to make a solid opening track. This is followed by ‘Headphones’, which had more elements of pop-punk than the emo of the first song. This works very well though, with the choruses being a particular high point. ‘These Games’ changes things up again, with yet more strong guitar work creating a more intense experience than the previous two songs. However, ‘Ranger’ unfortunately lacks a lot of that intensity, making it not bad, but a slight weak point on an otherwise great EP. ‘Homeward’ finishes the album off really well, as a great rock ballad.

Seasonal are definitely a band to watch over the coming years, as you rarely hear a first record sounding this coherent, yet diverse from any band. This is a great debut, and if this band keep it up, they will be destined for great things.

Best Song: These Games

Score: 7/10


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