EP Review: Miss Vincent – Somewhere Else

Miss Vincent are a UK band from Southampton, specialising in dark but thoughtful punk. It’s been two years since they released debut EP Reasons Not To Sleepbut now they’re back with a second – Somewhere Else. With inspirations such as The Cure, The Rolling Stones and Johnny Cash, this could be something to remember. But has the time spent on the EP paid off?

First track ‘Cold Hands’ starts off quickly and loudly, with drums and guitars thundering along to harsh but melodic vocals. This slows down just before the chorus, but then bursts into life again with a great melody. A guitar solo is the cherry on top of what is an excellent punk song. First single ‘The Lovers’ follows more of a pop-punk formula, but that isn’t a bad thing, as it suits the band well. The bridge of this song is particularly effective, and the tempo change works wonders in creating an atmosphere. ‘Lost and Forgotten’ brings in more pop elements, and works well. The dark punk mixed with poppier influences sounds like AFI at times, and that isn’t a comparison I take lightly. Next up is a moody ballad, ‘Beauty in Darkness’. This starts off slow, and quiet, building up slowly until the guitars crash in, creating a beautiful contrast. Finally, ‘The Western Shore’ is a punk song in the same tried and tested formula as the first song. It works just as well, and finishes the album off excellently.

In conclusion, this EP shows great promise. The very fact that it reminded me of bands such as AFI at times is a compliment in itself, and I will definitely be following Miss Vincent closely over the coming years to see what they come out with. This EP is great, and the only way is up from here.

Best Song: Cold Hands

Score: 7/10


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